Find out everything you need to know about using the Fatsack Outdoors App.

Thank you for your interest in Fatsack! The steps to install Fatsack depend on the platform you are using (iOS or Android), but the steps to sign up for an account are the same.

Installing on iOS

Download the Fatsack Outdoors app to your iOS device from the Apple App Store

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Installing on Android

Download the Fatsack Outdoors app to your Android device from the Google Play Store

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Account Signup from the Mobile App

If you haven’t created an account, sign up as a new user with a valid email address and complete the new user account setup.

*Important: Please allow location services. Fatsack Outdoors’s ability to detect weather and location depends on having access to location services

You’re all set. To change your password, or anything else on your profile, select the round picture icon on the top corner of your screen. Be sure to add a photo so your friends recognize you on the top of the leaderboard. Before you hit the water, check out our article on what to do before your trip.

After you’ve installed the Fatsack Outdoors app, the next step is to get organized.

First things first, make sure your location services are enabled so when you log a catch, the weather conditions and coordinates are automated.

Next you are going to want to set up your Tacklebox. Quickly add any piece of tackle by scanning the barcode or manually adding the item with a picture. Once you input a brand or product, it will be saved on our database so no matter what happens, your data will never be lost. To save time logging a catch, set up favorite rigs by adding all the items of your favorite setup.

If you are not familiar with the water you are fishing, check out our pre-fish page for waterway information. Some lakes even have hot spots straight from our pro team to put you on fish even faster. If you do not see your lake, let us know!

Before you leave the house, visit the tournament page to see if there are any contests happening around you. Our live leaderboard lets you see how you stack up against everyone else as it happens. Join, host, or administer contests anywhere and anytime straight from your phone.

Now you’re all set. Go fish and make sure you brag about it on the Bragboard, our in-app social network. Meet new anglers from all over and brag on your latest catch. You can also share your trophy catch straight to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email.

Time on the water is precious. The next second could be the fish of a lifetime so the last thing we have time to do is type or write down catch details. When I wait to update my log until I get home, I always forget at least one thing. There is just no way to remember everything.

Well, now there is an answer to this problem; Fatsack has completely automated the catch log.

With Fatsack, when you catch a fish, just press the Sack It button (sack of fish logo) and all the important details are automatically captured; weather conditions, moon phase, tide, GPS coordinates and more. The app will repopulate the remaining details from your previous catch to help save even more time. AND….add comments or notes with speech instead of typing. To log all the details without even pressing a button, just use a Connect Scale, which is fully integrated with the Fatsack Outdoors App. Weigh the fish on the scale and the app will do the rest.

There are some spots that you always catch fish on and some you know are just random. To mark your honey hole, after pressing the sack it button, press the orange pin icon in the top right corner. Now you will be able to see this location and catch details on your map page. We will even navigate you right back to the fishing hot spot.

Now, hypothetically of course, let’s say we are not catching any fish and want to try something else. Or, you are not quite sure how to tie the knot specific to that bait. Our video page features tutorials on anything from hot winter time baits to the best knot for braided line. Comment on the videos or let us know what you would like to see by contacting us here.

Dont forget to check the Live Tournament Leaderboard to see how you are stacking up! Good Luck.


Tight Lines and Fatsacks,

The Fatsack Outdoors Team

Now that your fingers are sore from taking the hook out of the mouth of so many fish, what’s next?

If you are anything like me, you probably lost your favorite fly, 3 hooks, and went through a pack of soft plastics. Good thing you have inventory of all your tackle. Edit the quantity of the items in your Tacklebox by pressing the plus or minus sign below each product. When you run low, we’ll alert you. Soon, you’ll have a way to replenish inventory with the push of a button (when that feature is added to Fatsack in the coming months).

If you happen to leave out details while on the water, you can edit them in the calendar page. This view lets you see each day you fish, the catches you had that day, and even special events. Simply select the day and a list will come up with each one of your catches; change the weather, water depth, lure, or any notes you have, then press save. To add a picture or “throw it back,” swipe left on that particular catch. We’ll even navigate you back to that exact spot!

Numbers never lie, fishermen do. Our analytics page will show your catches in a graph form to help you visualize the pattern. Practicing for a tournament? Select any date range to analyze what time of day, which lures, water depth, and temp has been producing the most fish catches.

Top 5 Tips for New Users

Short, sweet, and to the point. Here are our Top 5 Tips for New Users, to help improve your experience both on and off the water.

  1. Log it as soon as you catch it.
    • Our automated catch journal makes the logging process as efficient as possible. Waiting until you get home usually means you will forget something or everything! Catch a fish, press the sack it button and save it!
  2. Set up Favorite Rigs.
    • Going back to the first tip, logging catches as fast as possible means more time fishing. Adding Tackle to your catch is key and can help you figure out the best way to catch fish. Set up a favorite rig in your Tacklebox before you fish, select the lure or bait, line, rod, and reel, then name the rig. Now when you log a catch, you can populate all your tackle with one button.
  3. Compete.
    • Practice? Practice? We’re talking about practice. No actually we are not, we are talking about the real thing: Virtual tournaments. Administer, join, or host tournaments of all kinds to compete against people nationwide or your friend at school. Nothing tests or improves your skills more than a competition.
  4. Consume as much as you can.
    • No, I do not mean food, even though I am a fan of buffets. I am talking about information and education. Read articles, watch videos, and learn about the sport. Our News section has new articles every single day, sometimes even during the day, each of which are all about fishing. Some are educational while others are just awesome. Our FLW Tour and B.A.S.S Elite pros want to share their knowledge with you. Head to the video page to see what’s new. Comment or reach out and let us know what you want to see.
  5. Have fun!
    • Last, but definitely not least, have fun. Don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself when you get hooked on a tree or a nasty backlash…just laugh and move on. Fishing is better with friends; connect with other anglers on the Bragboard or send a message in the app to your lifetime fishing buddy. Whatever we can do to make our app a better experience for you, please let us know.

Join or Create Your Own Tournament

Competition is one of the many things that make fishing awesome and it doesn’t have to be a 200 boat tournament to be exciting. Challenge your buddy at the neighborhood pond or join a nationwide event with thousands of participants. Tear down common barriers to the competitive fishing world with our Virtual Tournament Platform.

To view, join or create an event: Travel to the Tournament Home page by selecting the tournament icon on the bottom of the app. Here you will be able to see tournaments you are involved with, join tournaments, and also create a tournament. Check out the upcoming or live tournament pages to see if there is an event happening that interests you. Read over the tournament details and hit Join.

After joining a tournament, any time you log a catch, that catch is submitted to the tournament. You might have to exclude some of your catches that don’t qualify for that particular event. Read here to learn more about adding or subtracting catches from a tournament.

Don’t fall behind! Keep up with the rankings on that tournament’s live leaderboard.

Why just join when you can create? From the Tournament Home screen, select the Create Tournament button, which will take you to a screen where all the rules and regulations will be determined. To appeal to all types of angler’s, tournaments can be based on weight, count, or length.  Set the catch limit and number of participants to a specific number or unlimited. The beauty of a virtual tournament is that it can be held anywhere at any time. Choose a specific body of water or have it open to the whole country. To keep the event private so that it doesn’t appear in public contests, toggle the private button and enter an invite code.  The last field is where you can type or speak in any other rules or special notes.

As an administrator, you set the details and the Fatsack Outdoors app will do the rest.  Tournament admins can even exclude catches if they deem them ineligible by swiping left on a particular catch and pressing exclude.

Don’t forget to invite your friends! Share a link to your event through text, email, or Facebook. Remember fishing is better with friends!

Submit or Delete a Tournament Catch

Alright, you’ve got the winning lure in your tackle box, you’ve joined a tournament, now how do you submit a catch?

Once you’ve joined a tournament(s), each catch you log (by pressing the Sack It button) is automatically uploaded to the tournaments you are participating in. This way, the entry process is as quick as pressing a couple of buttons.  Make sure you read the rules of the tournament because many will require photos of the catch on a measuring device.

If some of your catches are not eligible for a particular tournament, you will want to exclude them. To exclude a catch, go to the Tournaments Leaderboard, select your catches, and simply swipe left on the catch you want to delete, then hit exclude. This is also how you add a photo to a catch. The tournament administrator has final say on whether a catch counts or not so make sure you follow all the rules!

Now a quick recap: Submit a catch to a tournament by pressing the Sack It button, add the length or weight measurements, add a photo, and choose to save private or brag about it on the Bragboard. (Just a reminder-Fatsack does NOT share your specific catch details if you brag about it).

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